Welcome to a Place of Inspiration

I believe in the power of artistry to transform lives when the good spirit of luminous Love flows through the works into hearts.

I'm an American Writer/Poet, Illustrator, Photographer, and Recording Artist, so there are writings, audios and videos here to help your heart open into the Light and Love that we are perfectly designed to embody and express with creative freedom in joy.

Creative Expressions

Wild words of Love, Light and poetic freedom about the mystery and beauty of this multidimensional existence—so full of Love, flying just beyond the limits of our minds and emotions, and yet... within reach. He has five books of poetry out and available on Amazon.


Blake has written 5 novels; a 4 book spiritual vision series that combines his prose, poetry and photography; and many short stories. For children he has written and illustrated 5 books; He has 19 books  in total available on Amazon. Some for adults and some for children: all for the heart and soul. 

With over 1,000 productions of poetic work, both in audio tracks and audio video presentations , a smattering can be sampled here.


About me

"I grew up with the sea, like a happy seal baby, on the beaches of La Jolla, California. When I was 20 I traveled around Europe for over a year and had a series of powerful spiritual awakenings that set the direction of my life. Inspired by divine beauty and limitless Love, in the wild and wondrous realities I encountered, I have given myself to a life of creativity and teaching, wishing to contribute in any way I can to bringing more spiritual Light, Love and freedom into this world."