About Blake Steele


Blake Steele (1945), was raised in the beach town of La Jolla, California. At the age of 20 he traveled extensively in Europe and had a series of profound spiritual awakenings that changed the course of his life. After being part of a powerful Christian spiritual revival in the 1960s—in which he saw a child raised from the dead and many lives transformed—he eventually followed the inspiration of creativity beyond the divisive nature of religious traditions to find the pulse of Divinity within the all-embracing mystery of Creation, the human body, and Existence itself.

He has led a profusely creative life, having written over 4,500 poems, 5 novels, short stories, many children's stories, lyrics for choral pieces, a 4 book spiritual vision series, and is an accomplished photographer and painter. He is also a recording artist: recording over 1,000 of his poems so far, and has produced vocal tracks for audio books by an European publisher. He also teaches online classes, being one of the main developers of Pink Tantra in the West, and through this helps others become more awake, full of love, and alive.

"I love the divine qualities... for how else do we really know God beyond all ideas of God? These qualities of Love, joy, peace, beauty, wonder, innocence, freedom, creativity, wildness, humour... and many more, unite all humans, and inspire me constantly. I love to see people open up, drop their masks, and become fully real and alive! To rediscover what sets people free is a constant focus of my creative work: and to express these things simply, clearly, giving fresh expressions to Divine Love in stories, poems and images is wildly fulfilling. My mind loves to explore, turn things upside down, put things together in new relationships, discover the hidden beauty in it all.

"One day I'll grow up to be a bird, and cracking this egg will fly away. Until then, no matter what the world is up to, my life is getting more and more interesting all the time."

With 19 books available on Amazon for both adults and children, he has received praise from notable poets and authors, and readers all over The World  for his work.


  • Written five novels
  • Has seven books of poetry
  • Written and illustrated five children's books
  • Authored over 4,500 poems and recorded over 1,000 of them
  • Collaborated on two choral pieces, one that was performed in the Kennedy Center in New York and the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.
  • Traveled through Europe for 10 years, photographing in over 20 countries.
  • Developed a uniquely Western version of Pink Tantra that is Love-centered and creatively free. He has taught it online and in live events for the past ten years.