Welcome to the Portfolio of Blake Steele

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Here are some samples of Blake's  written, audio, and video creations, (as well as a few of his photographs), for you to explore and get a taste of their spirit and life.

Books on Amazon

With 19 books available on Amazon. Blake's written works cover a wide range of topics and include both fiction and nonfiction; poetry; a Spiritual Vision Series of writing and photography; and illustrated children's books. They are luminous with love, intense and compassionate. His poems overflow with a wild passion to live and be this poetic freedom. Each book is a unique journey through the beauty of language, spiritual light, and emotionally felt words. Explore this collection and immerse yourself in the literary world of Blake Steele.


Blake has written over 4,500 poems. There are a few samples of his poems in written form on this site. He has five books of poetry available on Amazon. 

Audio Productions

Blake's poetic works are written for the ear as well as mind, and come to life in a unique way through both audio and video productions as well as his live recitals. He has produced over 1,000 audios, many with sound effects and music. Some samples can be found here. It is in the sensitive feelings and word music conveyed through his voice that his poems leap off the page and sing.

Video Productions

Blake has a growing collection of regular videos and shorts on his YouTube Channel. You may access them here.