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Musings about what I most truly value, cherish, and love as well as the state of our world


The great illusion of morality is that one considers themselves to be moral, all the while projecting their shadow out upon others. If we have the smallest hint of critical judgment concerning the mystery of others, we are not truly moral.

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In the Gnostic Gospel of Phillip Jesus says, “First of all make the inner like the outer, then make the outer like the inner.” This is a wildly consequential saying, if we only did it, to some degree, to any degree.

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The Mysterious Gift of Existence

I was thinking the other day, that if we were only so sensitive and aware we would realize that the most valuable thing in all existence is this gift of Existence, and the essence of Existence, which is right here, within and without—the infinite plentitude of pure nothing. It is out of this that all forms come... and it is Pure, Wide Open and Free. 

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