Audio Productions

You may access more of Blake's online recordings at these links:

Do you Know How Beautiful You Are?

When She Secretly Arose

Life Longs to Be Transformed Into Art

Give Me Your Hand

A Heart Prayer For the World

If You Have No Reason For Joy

I Am Awakening

When We Die

Glittering Eyes

The End of Grief

The Ears of Soul

Have You Practiced?

The Call of Our Mystery 

God's Kiss

She is the Sudden Storm

Children's Poetry

La la la la lah...

It's so much fun to fiddle

faddle around with words.

A Bird Sings

Our Cat Who Always Allowed Me To Spell Everything Wrong

Why I Had to Discipline Our Unruly Cow

The Dreaded Buggywassels

Hi Ho Fiddle Dee Doe

A Cow Country Consort