Open, Innocent & Free in Love


Pink Tantra is pure Divine Love as subtle energy bathing you in a liquid flow. It is a recovery of your long lost Original Innocence and with it a happy playfulness of mind. It is transformation from a stress based physical chemistry into the comforting Oxytocin chemistry of Love. And best of all, it is the radiance of your own Light Body Essence illuminating and healing you to be consciously connected to the infinite and eternal Light and Love that frees and empowers you to be the best and most authentic version of all that you can be.

It includes the highest, transformational teachings of Eastern & Western spiritualities refined into simple, child-like practices. Like a flower grows, it unfolds you by the power of Life from within. It is joyous—and yes, even fun—being super pleasurable. Through a simple progression of easy exercises that build upon each other you can track your own real developmental progress day by day. And as the sublime powers of Unconditional Love flow ever more freely through your body, mind, & sexually ecstatic natures they melt away old blockages—cleansing, rejuvenating, and transforming your life.

Blake's Teaching

Blake has over 57 years of experience in the Spiritual Journey with a background in the Christ-centered Spiritual Movement of the 60s, the essence of Taosim's Qigong and Niedan, Mindfulness & Meditation, the Light and inspiration of Love-crazed poets and mystics, & Pink Tantra. He is currently one of the main teachers of Pink Tantra in the West, having worked since 2012 to fuse the essence of the higher, spiritual purposes of Tantra with the simplicity and clarity of Taoism's Neidan Three Treasures Alchemical Practices, and the ecstatic aspects of Raja, and Kriya Yoga's Kechari mudra, and to make this energetically enhanced fusion simple, clear and fully accessible to Western Culture, teaching both in on-line classes and through workshops in Scandinavia and Asia.

Comments from Students

‘Blake has a beautiful, soulful presence and unique ability to instantly soften and open your heart. His workshops are a graceful, blissful and awakening journey back to love and truth. I found a whole new depth of life and love with him.'

Zari Gemma Ferns, UK


‘Blake meets people with an open Heart, curiosity, energy, and without any judgment! He opens people’s Hearts and handles everything that comes up with such kindness and love! He is amazing!’

May Lagopoulos, Greece


"With Blake I was free to be myself —and I mean free — and encouraged to find my own way." 

Henrik Hougaard, Denmark


‘Blake is beautiful with the piercing, 'masculine' clarity in his mind and the sweetness of the 'feminine' softness of his heart. What also has stayed with me is the meeting with a man that seems to have the heart of a child and the eyes of a wise man...’

Annemette Lillesøe, Denmark


“Over the years I have hosted several workshops with Blake. I warmly recommend him as a true teacher, healer and loving brother."

Ben Alex, Author and Spiritual Teacher Denmark


"Blake Steele is a warmhearted friend, a brave soul and an experienced seeker who loves his fellow human beings. To be with him is exciting, challenging and a safe adventure that makes a mysterious meeting with myself possible."

Eva Sanner, Author, Sweden


Thanks for everything you gave during the festival. My soul responds on everything you say and do in such a confirmative way! I know I have the truth within me; I just have to remember it. During your workshops I just cried and cried for happiness, joy and bliss! I Love you from deep within me. Namaste.

Alf Sandell, Sweden


"This course made a change in the way I can feel energy and my relationship with my body and mind. Blake is a lovely guide on this journey of inner exploration. He is pure love and kindness. His knowledge of Pink Tantra is incredible. From the first minute of practice I began to notice the energy running through my body, I have never felt so much peace and love. I have been practicing Yoga, Reiki and meditation for years, and this course showed me a very simple and special way towards self-knowledge and spiritual development as a divine gift.”

Paolo, Spain