The Mysterious Gift of Existence

Published on 15 April 2024 at 14:33

I was thinking the other day, that if we were only so sensitive and aware we would realize that the most valuable thing in all existence is this gift of Existence, and the essence of Existence, which is right here, within and without—the infinite plentitude of pure nothing. It is out of this that all forms come... and it is Pure, Wide Open and Free. 

Holding all things, sublime, unnoticed and inconceivable: yet, as the mystics say—super alive, infinite in intelligence, and everywhere. All that exists exists in Existence. This is so obvious it is silly to say. Yet... what is Existence? I mean, really. Can you tell me what the very essence and meaning of existence is? 

In the old book of Exodus, written around 3,500 years ago or so, there is this little story of Moses meeting a living Presence burning as a pure flame in a bush, out in the desert wilderness where Moses was watching over his goats and sheep. So Moses asks this pure flame: "What is your name," which in Hebrew is also asking, what is your true essence and nature. And the living one answers, ehye 'ăšer 'ehye. This is traditionally translated, I am, I am... but why would infinite, creative intelligence, say... I am twice? It could be, and I say, should be, translated, I am existence. What a difference that would have made in the development of spirituality in The West.

If the Source of all is the Living, pure essence of the mystery of existence, then it is literally true what St. Paul wrote 1,500 years later, "God is not far from each one of us, for in Him we live and move and exist." What can be closer that existence itself? What is the one thing shared by all beings? Existence? If Existence is One... then, ultimately, so are we. And if Existence is a living Being, then how intimate is this living Being to all?

Christ said He knows how many hairs are on our heads, and every bird, and animal... and every atom and particle for if Existence is completely self knowing, then It, He, She, knows all that exists within Existence. And where in existence is Existence not? How can that which does not, or never has existed be conceived? Whatever can be conceived exists the instant it is.

To actually not only grasp, but realise the Divine this way changes everything. This would mean that in the space between our two empty hands is the Creator of all stars, galaxies, and this green and blue, spinning miracle we call Earth — but not only this, but watching us, feeling us, without judgment, in complete allowance, letting us experience all that we can. This freedom to exist and experience and learn for ourselves what works and what doesn't and, hopefully, find our way is amazing—and yet not our truest freedom—for that is our freedom to be deep in Love with the mystery and miracle, and all the self-giving of the Source of all, for in this freedom comes Love and thankfulness like a river... like a shy, shining Light, like a song.

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