Published on 15 April 2024 at 14:42

In the Gnostic Gospel of Phillip Jesus says, “First of all make the inner like the outer, then make the outer like the inner.” This is a wildly consequential saying, if we only did it, to some degree, to any degree.

First fill our inner being with Creation: harmonize with the sky, the Earth, the seas. Think in the symbols God creates. Get birds in your blood and rivers in your veins. Fill your mind with sunshine, your voice with the silky light of the moon. Get green things growing in your belly, and streams of liquid light flowing from your belly. Open the soft volcano in your loins. Let the lava slowly arise... shaking things.

When the inner is brimming with Life and the sweet harmonies of the pure nature of all things, then turn and make the outer like the inner. Create expressions of such beauty that has filled you with Life’s sweet poetry, with insight, with connection, with joyful bliss — transform things. Make the world rip-roaring celebrative with Love. Fill it with beauty, for it's natural to make everything beautiful… it is godlike. Let’s do it. We can, la, la, la, la, la make a better world.

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