Published on 2 May 2024 at 14:37

The great illusion of morality is that one considers themselves to be moral, all the while projecting their shadow out upon others. If we have the smallest hint of critical judgment concerning the mystery of others, we are not truly moral.

In the story of the wild Christ, true morality was revealed to be complete compassion, and complete compassion is a sensitive, openness to receive the other, just as they are. There is a sense of awe and respect about it, for who really knows the heart and mystery of a being but God? This unqualified and wholehearted acceptance of another, and respect for the unknown about them, creates a safe space for them to drop their masks and be real. This is the opening that allows healing, reconciliation, heartfelt connection and growth—thus, true morality—for in the light of infinite Love loving, this alone can be truly right, truly life-giving, truly moral. Anything short of this is a form of unconscious projection, and hurtful blame.

Of course there are situations when we need to take care of our own souls, to protect ourselves from the aggressive attacks of others—even physical ones. We can take the steps we need to take and at the same time, return to our awareness of the mystery of each soul's journey in this world. It is good to remember that it is only hurt people who hurt others. Those who carry the most pain so often cause the most pain, and are to be pitied, even while we protect ourselves from them. Compassion is not always about taking action, but often about refraining from the pain inspired actions that make us mirror images of the one who is hurting us. We get caught up being critical about their criticalness; angry about their anger; blaming them for blaming. This is not moral... just the opposite. To break the pattern and step into compassionate love—forgiving, offering prayers for their good... recognising the light hidden under the pain, this is freedom, this is Love, this is truly moral.

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